A Giving World could be Disastrous

By | May 15, 2015

If everyone in world was giving and giving and giving and… GIVING!

We would be trying to always out-do each other in our giving wouldn’t we?

Everyone would try to top each other by giving more and more, leading to an endless loop of giving.

Have you ever tried to give something to someone only for them to say ‘I owe you next time…’? Even though you might have been trying to give just because you want to. When that happens it feels like it is an exchange of sorts. So then the joys of being the giver fall by the way side because we aren’t all taught how to be great at receiving.

When it comes to giving there are always two parties; the giver & the receiver.

We all need to learn to become better receivers because if we don’t we could be creating a disastrous world where we are robbing the opportunity for people who want to give.

Without learning to become a better receiver we are robbing the gifts of giving from the giver and focusing on how we have to ‘repay’ the giving gesture.

How do you start being a better receiver?

First start believing that you deserve what you are being given. Then just simply respond with ‘Thank you’ and a :). It all starts there.

Even if it is as simple as someone giving you a compliment for how you look today, just say thank you rather than deflecting it back to them.

So what other ways do you think you could practice becoming a better receiver right now?

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