Man behind the mission

Richard is the founder of RomanticMissions.com, where he teaches single women to move from going around in circles in dating to the straight line to finding their ideal partner through living and loving their life.

Created on Valentines Day 2012, originally this business was created to be a place where he could share his romantic ideas for dates and more.
However after pushing and persisting to make it work as a romantic ideas business things just weren’t coming together for him. He found that the excitement he once got from planning romantic dates and ideas no longer was burning the heat it once was.

Wind in my hair on a sea cliff hike...

Wind in my hair on a sea cliff hike…

It wasn’t until in 2014 that he decided to make a shift in the business vision and to get back to the real reason why he started this business. He went past the money-making ideas and got deep into what it meant for him. For Richard it was his way to help people feel love in their lives.

Coming from a family of four children, who fled from the Vietnam War to Australia. With nothing to their names and mouths to feed it was a lot of long hours for his parents and even less time for attention. He always did enough to stay out of trouble, but not enough to get the attention and love he craved for.

When he finally found his first love he experienced all the joys and love he expected, but for some reason there just wasn’t enough of it. He always kept feeling that he wasn’t enough for her, he wasn’t good enough and always needed her to reassure him. Eventually after 3 years it was too much and she left.

He was left heartbroken for over a year searching for the reasons why until he finally asked himself the real question of “What if I never find anyone to be with?”
That was the ah-ha moment for him.
He had two choices then. To be sorry for himself and miserable for the rest of his life. Or to make his life the best it possibly could be and if someone comes into his life then it is a bonus!

So that’s how he has gone from heartbroken to breaking-through to his life.
From empty to a fulfilling life and from running around in circles for a girl to straight line success to his fiancée to-be.

He can do the same for you and to learn the straight line to finding your successful ideal partner grab a copy of the Roadmap to Love guide.

Lots of love,