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Energy & You

See in this world it runs on a system of ‘like attracts like’. It is kind of like when you talk to a friend who finds faults anywhere they go. Be it in the food, the service, their life, their partner or their work. They are attracting more of the negatives in their life. So then do you think someone who is positive, open minded, understanding and confident will be… Read More »


Within each and every one of us there comes a time where we tell ourselves that we need to push on to get to where we want to be. Sometimes it is of our own doing and other times it is from an external force that gets us started. We are full of excitement and adrenaline that keeps us charging forward. Then at some point we start to plateau. The… Read More »

The 6 Human Needs in a Relationship

Have you ever said “I gave them everything and it still wasn’t enough”? Maybe if it wasn’t you then from a friend. I certainly have. I have even been the one who said it!! A few years back I would constantly repeat this line and never completely understood how I could have given everything in me and it still wasn’t enough. It haunted me for so long. Constantly thinking about… Read More »

You, Me & Us

No, I am not talking about me or you… I am talking about what I like to call the holy trinity foundation of a loving relationship. In every relationship there will be 3 entities. Partner A, let’s name them as “Me” (in this case that would you, the reader) who is matched up with a partner B known as “You”. When both partners come together they form the relationship that… Read More »

4 Aspects of True Love as Buddha puts it

Going on from last week’s post about “What is romance?” we were able to establish that romance can be summed up simply through this. “When you are romantic, you are doing what you/your partner knows to be love” We wanted to go a little deeper today to understanding what is love? Not the song by Haddaway of course 🙂 There are ways we know that we are loved as illustrated in… Read More »

What is Romance?

Is it organising for that horse-carriage for your date? Or is it sending her flowers and chocolates? Perhaps just that handwritten message on the fridge. When posed with the question “What is Romance?” it has always been difficult to describe it simply without using a cliche moment. That was until I stumbled across this article where the interviewee, Mary Jo Rapini, puts it simply as… “When you are romantic, you… Read More »