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A Giving World could be Disastrous

If everyone in world was giving and giving and giving and… GIVING! We would be trying to always out-do each other in our giving wouldn’t we? Everyone would try to top each other by giving more and more, leading to an endless loop of giving. Have you ever tried to give something to someone only for them to say ‘I owe you next time…’? Even though you might have been trying… Read More »

Relationship advice from Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert

This week we are paying homage to Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best seller ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ series, who said one thing that really stuck out to me. A stunning gem stone doesn’t always come on it’s own. As I listened in on an interview she mentioned the simple, yet brilliant answer to the question “What is the most important aspect to having a lasting relationship?” Her advice was through an analogy,… Read More »

Valentine’s Day Message Tips you need to know

Just 10 days till Valentine’s day!!! Are you freaking out over what kind of Valentines day message to write? Do you feel stressed trying to come up with that perfect line that sums up your feelings? Don’t worry these are all normal feelings, if anything that’s when you know you are alive! Often the valentines day message is the last thought on our minds not because it is difficult, usually… Read More »

Valentines Day Message

How to best deliver it Valentines day messages are often the last thought on most people’s minds when they are going in search of their gift for their valentine because it is the most challenging. No doubt it can be difficult to put together the words that sum up how you feel to someone without looking like an idiot. The thing is girls are going to be looking more forward… Read More »

The best ways to make your romantic cards memorable…

Sometimes when it comes to delivering a love note to your loved one perhaps it can all be easily said with just the right romantic card… The meaning behind the card that you pick should always add to the message/meaning you want to bring across to your loved one. Find the meaning in your Romantic Card Giving your romantic card a special meaning might seem difficult, but in reality it… Read More »