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The Clear Path to The Right Guy Event

Are you tired of running around in circles when it comes to dating? Are you looking for more out of life and love? Then don’t miss our Free Live Event this month On the night I will show you how to transform: – From Confused with Mr Wrong to Clarity with your Mr Right – From Running in Circles to Straight Line Success – From Unworthy of Love to being… Read More »

Merry Christmas & Farewell 2014

It’s a very different Christmas holiday for me this year as I’ll be entering through the great Chinese (Fire) Wall to visit the girlfriend’s family for the first time. I’ll keep this short and say what an amazing 2014 it has been for me and the Romantic Missions brand. Just going from strength to strength and having the wave of support flooding in with it. 2015 is going to be the… Read More »

Fail Better

As you may have noticed, it has been a little quiet here… almost a little too quiet. I have failed you. My J.O.B (just-over-broke) started to ramp up and I let it start eating into my time and wearing me down to a point where I felt like giving this all up because it was just ‘too much’. I felt like I had failed in being able to keep my promise to you and… Read More »

2014 Goals

Finally after a few days of hard work we can unveil the new look for Romantic Missions at our new host as well 🙂 I hope everyone has had an amazing break to recharge and a chance to refocus on new goals for 2014! It is said that you do not have goals unless you write them down. With that in mind we hope you don’t mind us listing some… Read More »

Video Introduction

Hey Everyone!! I just wanted to share with you a sneak peek of the new video introduction put together and wanted to grab your thoughts on it. Planning for this to be the new intro for each video I upload from now on. Check it out now right under here! What do you think? Love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below. – Richard

40 Days of Dating

The Social Experiment between 2 single friends 40 Days of Dating To break it down without ruining too much this is the social experiment that has popped up around the world. Two single friends take on a challenge to ‘date’ each other for 40 days to overcome their relationship fears, insecurities and expectations… A few simple rules are outlined that include that they must see each other each day for… Read More »

In the beginning…

Why did I start this site about romance & romantic date ideas? For the simple reason that romance and romantic date ideas are not limited to just women. It takes a second, even sometimes many more, person/s to be willing to put themselves out there to bring the romance out for that one special person. For me I like the idea of being a romantic because I feel that every… Read More »