On the Grapevine

Amanda Portriat-circle“I have enjoyed every moment with Richard and his program. Richard really always seems to know the right questions to ask to help me express my thoughts and feelings easily.

Most of all Richard has helped me keep accountable for what I want to do in my life. I can now see that I need to take time out to build my dreams and not always be focused on helping others build their dreams. Richard has helped me become clearer in what I want in a relationship and my life.

Thank you so much Richard!”

– Amanda C., Sydney

Kai Hock Portriat-circle“As a Life Coach with T Harv Eker, I coach many international clients in their Money, Health and Relationship issues. Yet, as the saying goes, “You cannot see the picture when you are in the frame.”

Through Richard’s coaching, I was able to see how my “anxiety” attachment style towards my wife could have caused my marriage to go downhill and crash. And through his guidance, I was able to comprehend my relationship personalities that allows me to take actions to enhance my marriage.
Today, I live more happily with my wife.
Thanks, Richard.
You are a gem!!”
– Kai Hock QUEK, Singapore

“What can I say?

Before starting the program with Richard I thought I knew a lot about dating and relationships. In the program, Richard was able to help me become consciously self-aware; of my actions, thoughts and feelings in the moment. Noticing the way the “little voice in my head” would talk to (or beat up on) me and how to overcome that chatter.

I can now recognise and understand my ‘relationship attachment style’ so that I can better understand my relationship needs, free from self-judgement. This has enabled me to notice the attachment style of potential partners so that I can determine who would be more likely to be compatible with me as I begin to date more. This part alone was worth the price of tuition.

Thank you so much for everything Richard, because of you and your program, I am now finally clearer than ever on what I need for a satisfying relationship.

Thank you, thank you and thank you!”

– Mandy E., Sydney

“When I was first introduced to Richard and his program, I was at first skeptical but this soon changed as I found Richard to be patient and relatable. Richard has always kept be accountable to myself and this has helped me become a happier, more caring and a grounded man. I am more confident than ever to enter the next exciting chapter of my life and thanks to Richard I can now say: “Yes to life and love”.

I am so grateful to Richard for having helped my through the toughest period of my life and to see the best of me is yet to come.

Thanks Richard!”

– Paul D., Sydney

“I started to work with Richard at a time when I had just come through a particularly horrible breakup. I was feeling very low & having trouble dealing with things. Without the help of Richard and his program I would still be confused and unhappy.

Through workings with Richard I have been able to recognise the unsupportive beliefs I have been carrying throughout my entire life!

He really made me feel comfortable and always listened to my concerns. Best of all he helped me take the blinders off my own life and my past relationships to finally be clear on what I needed for myself. I’m so grateful to have Richard help me through my toughest moments.

Thank you Richard!”

– Kim L., Melbourne

“Before coming to Richard I was struggling to accept a break-up and felt like I was unworthy of love. Through working with Richard and his program I have been able to slowly transform myself through this tough period of my life. I have learnt how to be more confident in myself through learning to have faith in myself and my abilities.

I have learnt the importance of accepting me for me and not to live through the beliefs and thoughts of others.

Richard challenged me to become aware of behaviours I exhibited within past relationships and worked out alternative strategies to better communicate with future partners. That alone has helped me start moving my way to finding myself and my ideal partner. For this one thing I am so grateful to Richard for his patience and dedication to helping me when I didn’t want to help myself.

Thanks mate!!”

– Robert F., Sydney

“Through working with Richard, and the program, I uncovered a subtle belief within myself that I have carried through my life, not just in relationships but everywhere else. I went from feeling that I was not enough to believing that I am enough and proud of where I am.

With that I can now ask for I need/want without having to believe I have to always offer something in return.

Richard has helped me with recognising this trait and for that I am now living with a sense that I can help others by just asking for help and letting them experience the joys of giving!

Thank you Richard.”

– Nicki H., London

“Thank you so much Richard!

Your program has helped me come out of my shell and although it scares me through taking baby steps, I also know it is something I want!

Richard and his program has helped me become more confident in myself by learning to say “No”. Richard was always kind while being caring enough to tell me how I was treating myself. For that I am so grateful to Richard for.

Thank you Richard.”

– Jolene K., Singapore

“Thank you Richard!

I’ve learnt so much!

Loved your course and loved your energy!!

Thank you for an awesome course!”

– Ann H., Taiwan

“After attending Richard’s Training session, I felt his powerful message that we do need more love and romance in the world.

Now I will take my experience from the course to become an ambassador of his teaching.

You’re an awesome Trainer Richard.

You’re an amazing teacher for this generation and beyond.

We need more of you in this world”

– Nancy C., Australia

“You’ve motivated me,
You’ve touched me,
Now I can live my life, doing my best without worrying about the result!


– Nat P., Thailand

“Richard speaks from his heart and touches the romantic in YOU.

His easy caring style is a demonstration he walks the talk.

Thank you Richard!”

– Selina I., Australia