Give your man a clue!

Every lady does not want a boy who needs to be told exactly what to do. A lady does not want to be the mother of their partner, they want a man.They want a man to step up and be there for them, to fulfil their needs and desires. Doesn’t sound like that much to ask for right? If you’re a lady, of course! 🙂 I wanted to open up… Read More »


Within each and every one of us there comes a time where we tell ourselves that we need to push on to get to where we want to be. Sometimes it is of our own doing and other times it is from an external force that gets us started. We are full of excitement and adrenaline that keeps us charging forward. Then at some point we start to plateau. The… Read More »

Merry Christmas & Farewell 2014

It’s a very different Christmas holiday for me this year as I’ll be entering through the great Chinese (Fire) Wall to visit the girlfriend’s family for the first time. I’ll keep this short and say what an amazing 2014 it has been for me and the Romantic Missions brand. Just going from strength to strength and having the wave of support flooding in with it. 2015 is going to be the… Read More »

Growth & Contribution

There is a saying that in life you are either growing or dying… This applies to anything in nature including us. We all eventually end up in the ground at some point, but in-between then and now we have the choice to do things that will help us grow or we can choose to ‘stay comfortable’ and not grow any further (ultimately dying). We have a school of thought whereby… Read More »

Certainty & Variety

Have you ever been confused by your partner when they say they want more variety in their life, yet they also want to be certain they know what is going on? I’m imaging all the men having their hands up or yelling out “YES!!” It is the question of how much certainty do I need to give, so the relationship isn’t boring yet enough to be comfortable. Let’s break it… Read More »

The 6 Human Needs in a Relationship

Have you ever said “I gave them everything and it still wasn’t enough”? Maybe if it wasn’t you then from a friend. I certainly have. I have even been the one who said it!! A few years back I would constantly repeat this line and never completely understood how I could have given everything in me and it still wasn’t enough. It haunted me for so long. Constantly thinking about… Read More »

Relationship advice from Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert

This week we are paying homage to Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best seller ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ series, who said one thing that really stuck out to me. A stunning gem stone doesn’t always come on it’s own. As I listened in on an interview she mentioned the simple, yet brilliant answer to the question “What is the most important aspect to having a lasting relationship?” Her advice was through an analogy,… Read More »

You, Me & Us

No, I am not talking about me or you… I am talking about what I like to call the holy trinity foundation of a loving relationship. In every relationship there will be 3 entities. Partner A, let’s name them as “Me” (in this case that would you, the reader) who is matched up with a partner B known as “You”. When both partners come together they form the relationship that… Read More »

True Love Aspect #4 – Upeksha

This month we are going on a journey to understand the 4 Aspects of True Love that Buddha described with the help of one of my great spiritual teachers, Thich Nhat Hanh. The first, Maitri ‘the capacity for happiness’, the second aspect of true love Karuna ‘compassion’, the third aspect of true love Mudita ‘Joy’. Finally it is the end of the month and we free you from the torture… Read More »