Couple, the app connecting long distance relationships closer than ever before

We are more connected than ever today since we can now not only hear each other’s voices, but we can even see each other’s faces through video. We might not be able to smell their scent out over internet (yet), but we can now start to send out love to partner through touch (kind of). This new ability is only available the relationship app called “Couple” and their unique Thumbkiss.… Read More »

Be Child-like rather than Child-ish

Going on this week for me was a challenge on bringing out my more playful side and my inner child. Watching my nephews at play made me think about how much fun, joy and happiness they get out of just playing. As we grow we tend to bog ourselves down in responsibilities and neglect our own sense of play. Which then impacts on our romantic relationships as we move from… Read More »

How to buy your girlfriend/boyfriend the right birthday gift every time!

How many of you would like to know the simplest way to spark that loving and romantic feel with their partner on their birthday? Would it be really awesome if it could make your partner feel like they are “One in a Million”? Listen closely as we are about to open up the secret chest to finding out how to buy the right birthday gift every time… Are you listening? It… Read More »

3 top tips to surprise your partner and yourself!

How many of you have ever felt like your relationship falls into a pattern of routine? I definitely have been in that boat plenty of times before. What I have just realised though is that in order to have a passionate and loving  relationship where your partner would never want to leave you, you’d have to be fulfilling the 6 basic human needs. I learnt this from Tony Robins in his ‘Love &… Read More »

Valentine’s Day Message Tips you need to know

Just 10 days till Valentine’s day!!! Are you freaking out over what kind of Valentines day message to write? Do you feel stressed trying to come up with that perfect line that sums up your feelings? Don’t worry these are all normal feelings, if anything that’s when you know you are alive! Often the valentines day message is the last thought on our minds not because it is difficult, usually… Read More »

Etsy, bringing that personal touch back into Romantic Gifts

Nothing says love like hand-made Romantic Gifts How many of you are struggling to find that perfect valentines day gift that isn’t too corny, but has that ‘personal touch’ to it? I know I have spent many days being stuck looking for the right romantic gift, but always missing that personal element to it. In today’s electronically world doesn’t it feel like we have lost that essence, that labour of… Read More »

TLC Day 31- Love starts with you

I write this post 4 months after having completed the 30 Day True Love Challenge to provide an update to those of you who have been following along and wondering how I have gone on post-challenge. So what was the purpose of my participation in the 30 Day True Love Challenge really for? “Initially it was just to break my own conditioned mind that almost always compelled me to talk… Read More »

2014 Goals

Finally after a few days of hard work we can unveil the new look for Romantic Missions at our new host as well 🙂 I hope everyone has had an amazing break to recharge and a chance to refocus on new goals for 2014! It is said that you do not have goals unless you write them down. With that in mind we hope you don’t mind us listing some… Read More »