Loveumentary’s 30 Day True Love Challenge

How far are you willing to go for True Love? We sometimes get asked, or even ask ourselves, this question of how far are we really willing to go for true love. We all know, deep down, that is what we really want. The inner craving, yearning and desire for that loving feeling of being in true love with someone. But saying how much we want something just really isn’t enough… Read More »

Romantic date idea in the park

How to pull off a surprise to your Romantic date idea in the park Love is important, but love is also another puzzle piece in our lives. Sometimes we get caught up with the other puzzle pieces that we forget others… For one newly engaged couple they learnt this very early on with their piece of love and romance. Having recently just locked down a new apartment together they were in… Read More »

Video Introduction

Hey Everyone!! I just wanted to share with you a sneak peek of the new video introduction put together and wanted to grab your thoughts on it. Planning for this to be the new intro for each video I upload from now on. Check it out now right under here! What do you think? Love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below. – Richard

Musical Dates are for the tone deaf too!

I never could ever imagine myself having to sit through a musical, ever let alone go on a musical date. I was always tone deaf, it means when I sing to me it sounds like I am singing in tone but to others I clearly am not! There was an exception to this that made me want to go to watch a musical, despite my feelings towards the idea… I… Read More »

5 Reasons to take your next date to indoor rock climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing, the perfect indoor date to test heart, body & soul Indoor rock climbing can be a great place for a date purely because it is one of the great places where you both can build upon key foundations for any relationship. Pillars such as to even simply trust each other, even if it means having to unwillingly let go of control. Support for each other, especially critical if one… Read More »

40 Days of Dating

The Social Experiment between 2 single friends 40 Days of Dating To break it down without ruining too much this is the social experiment that has popped up around the world. Two single friends take on a challenge to ‘date’ each other for 40 days to overcome their relationship fears, insecurities and expectations… A few simple rules are outlined that include that they must see each other each day for… Read More »

Romantic surprise idea that just ‘popped up’ at me

My most romantic surprise idea literally popped up in front of me was at a local market that hosted pop up stores. I found that the simplest gifts can make a world of difference when combined with a special meaning. A gift really means nothing if you don’t have a great reason for buying it with meaning. I love the markets because that’s where you find the really rare and… Read More »


They were just like any other couple in love. But the way they brought their love to each other was something truly special. It was only a short and simple message, yet it meant everything. They used it as part of a game. They would take turns leaving the special message behind for the other to find. The message would always read… ‘SHMILY’…