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A Giving World could be Disastrous

If everyone in world was giving and giving and giving and… GIVING! We would be trying to always out-do each other in our giving wouldn’t we? Everyone would try to top each other by giving more and more, leading to an endless loop of giving. Have you ever tried to give something to someone only for them to say ‘I owe you next time…’? Even though you might have been trying… Read More »

Are you Giving with Attachments?

Pulled out this gem of a video I shot while in China at the end of 2014. Forgot they have a firewall blocking youtube and facebook, so only now am I getting around to posting these up. But definitely an important question here to ask yourself when you are giving love to someone. Are you giving love with attachments? For example I may tell my girlfriend ‘I Love You’ with an… Read More »